Doug Hennig - Windows PowerShell: Batch Files on Steroids

On last May 05 at VFF - Virtual Fox Fest - the new online VFP conference, Doug Hennig presented the amazing session Windows PowerShell: Batch Files on SteroidsThe organizers of VFF were very kind offering a recorded version of all sessions for free for the community in YouTube.

This specific session dropped me completely, opening a whole new world of possibilities. As we can see in the video description: "Windows PowerShell has been included with the operating system since Windows 7 and is available for download for older systems. What is PowerShell? It's Microsoft's task automation scripting framework. PowerShell isn't just a replacement for batch files; it can do a lot more than batch files ever could. This session looks at PowerShell, including why you should start using it and how to create PowerShell scripts."

I just loved to know we can access almost the whole "Net Framework" using some batch files! I just started with some simple tests, and this looks really very promising, and will simplify several tasks.

Thanks very much for sharing!

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