FoxyPreviewer major update

Info for FoxyPreviewer v2.88.
It brings some minor fixes, but this time a major, jumbo change:

That brings some benefits, like:
- no more need to distribute reportpreview.app and reportoutput.app
- easy debugging, because all the needed files are in the same module (with debuginfo)
- no more need to deal with nonupdated systems. lots of users reported issues, but the source was the report*.app wrong (old) files
- ensure the foxypreviewer initialization will be done using the correct procedures
- a significant increase of speed running the reports and previews

This change meant only 200kb in the app, because most of the needed files were already in foxypreviewer.app and will solve the issue that lots of people had, with wrong report*.app files in their clients.
After this becomes stable, and tested by a considerable quantity of users, i'll publish a separate version of the app, without the debuginfo, to make it 50% smaller.

If for any reason someone wants to keep using the reportpreview.app and reportoutput.app files to render other reports, there should be no problems.
If you use the reportbuilder.app or use report listeners for other purposes, than you should not remore the app files.

I know this change may bring some problems, so please, i'm asking to you to test it in your environments, and specially with your exes. hopefully this will bring many benefits to us. please let me know how that goes. if you find some issues, please provide as much details that you can, so that i can reproduce the issue and upload a fix.

You can get the latest versions directly from here: