FoxyPreviewer v2.00 - New email form

The FoxyPreviewer email form uses a custom HTML editor created by Frederic Steczicky from atoutfox.org, and allows you to:

  • generate html outputs for the body of your message
  • changing the formatting, alignments, fonts, adding pictures, hyperlinks, etc...
  • preloading an html
  • attaching more files is allowed
  • mark message as priority
  • ask for read receipt

another cool thing is that after you click on "send", a continuous progress bar, with the cool marquee effect (thanks to Carlos Alloatti) will appear, till the message is delivered:

the old email form, that could generate only plain text messages is still there, you may select it in the settings form:

Obviously, some new messages need to be translated. if you want it to be enabled for your native language, download the most recent version of foxypreviewer, and send me your version of the file foxypreviewer_locs.dbf

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  1. Hi cesar,

    A wonderful option, that you offer us.
    I make a similar library in my custom framework, but your library it's more pretty..

    Do you know the library to send email by francis faure, you can add this in your method. You ll have all method to works on windows.


    Salut Olivier,
    Yes, VFPWINSOCK from Francis "cest genial". I've already thought of implementing it many times. Right now I'll wait to see if issues will come with the current CDO2000 version. If I have issues, I think I'll use it.

  2. Great Cesar, we will continue by testing FoxyPreviewer, and now also integrated with FoxBarcode ;-)
    Gracias Luis Maria !

  3. i Got Error in Email

    CMD Send Click Event

    Line : WITH _GoHelper

    Error : _Go Helper is Not Found  

    Hi Kalpesh,
    Can you please provide more details about the error ? How are you using FoxyPreviewer? In your EXE? Calling it directly? What additional infiormation could you provide? I need your help to reproduce the error. What version are you using?

  4. any Update in XLS Listner is Possible ?

    If Possbile then i will send my Sample for Correction.

    Of course ! Please send it to vfpimaging at hotmail dot com

  5. i don't want to close my preview window after getting print out.

    is it possible ?

    Hi Kalpesh,
    Right now it's NOT possible. This would require using some custom emthods to handle all the printings independently. Maybe for the future !

  6. Hola César, he probado Foxypreviewer 2.0 y al hacer click en el botón de envío por correo la ventana del reporte desaparece.
    Pero como podrás ver en la "Figura 1" (en la URL indicada en este formulario) la ventana permanece disponible desde el menú, y al seleccionarla puede verse el error mostrado en la "figura 2". Uso vfp9 SP2 con todos los hotfixes. Espero te sirva el dato. Te envío un cordial saludo, felicitaciones y un gran agradecimiento por este exelente aporte a la comunidad VFP.
    Hola Javier,
    Gracias por las palabras amables y por yu suporte. Cambie la definicion de email para CDO y va funcionar

  7. Oi novamente, em relação ao comentário anterior, eu gostaria de esclarecer duas coisas. O comportamento e de erro indicada na URL (Figura 1 e Figura 2) ocorre quando a propriedade cDefaultListener não está definida. De qualquer forma, o botão do enviar e-mail não faz nada, nunca mostra a forma de envio. A Figura 3 mostra o código usado.

    Por outro lado, tenho notado que, se o check do "Generar automaticamente anexo de email" na página "Email" da janela "configuraçao de previsualizaçao de relatórios" (Figura 4) não está marcada, o botão do e-mail abre janela "Save as".

    Eu uso o SP2 VFP9 com todos os hotfixes. Espero que estes dados servem. Eu envio cordiais saudações, parabéns e muito obrigado por esta excelente contribuição para a comunidade VFP.


  8. Oi Cesar, desculpe, mas quando eu terminar de enviar o último comentário eu achei a sua resposta. Eu já tentei mudar para o CDO e funciona muito bem.
    Muito obrigado pela sua resposta.
    Que ótimo !
    Obrigado pela sua confirmação !

  9. Todo funciona de maravillas, pero despues de enviar la salida a PDF desde el preview me sale una ventana con lo siguiente:

    Unknow member OREPORT
    Line 0 on renderpage():


    Do you want to suspend execution ?

    <yes>     <NO>     <Cancel>
    Hola Plinio,
    Por favor, envie me mas detalles, como version de FoxyPreviewer. Necesito saber como sale el PDF. El error acontece siempre ?

  10. Hola a todos

    Al utilizar cualquier versión de FoxyPreviewer (a partir de la 2.00 has ta la 2.10 actual) me sale el siguiente error inmediatamente después de visualizar la vista previa:

    "Function argument value, type or count is invalid.
    Line 0. frxpreviewform.RenderPage()
    Do you want to suspend execution?"

    He revisado todo y no encuentro el error. He buscado el objeto frxpreviewform pero no lo encuentro ni con el buscador de referencias en todo el proyecto.
    ¿Puede ser algo relacionado con _gdiplus.vcx ó gdiplus.vcx?
    Muchas gracias por cualquier sugerencia.
    Hola Carlos,
    No estoy conseguindo reproducir el problema. Puedes pasarme mas detalles ? Como estas utilizando FoxyPreviewer? En el modo completo ?
    El problema aparece en modo de desarrollo ?

  11. Hola

    En las versiones 2.00 hasta la 2.10, inmediatamente después de hacer la vista previa me aparece el error siguiente:

    "Function Argument Value, Type or Count is Invalid
    Line 0 on RenderPage():

    Do you want to suspend execution? (yes, No, Cancel)"

    Al hacer click en "No" y moverme por las páginas o al hacer cualquier otra cosa vuelve a salir el error.

    He revisado todo el código y parece estar bien. No encuentro el objeto "frxpreviewform" en el proyecto (con la herramienta de búsqueda de referencias).
    ¿Alguna sugerencia?

    Hola Jaketon,
    Tienes mi email, por favor enviame directamente mas detalles, porque yo no consegui reproducir el problema.
    Gracias de antemano

  12. Great Job Cesar!
    Hi Cirollo, Thanks for the kind words
    only 3 problems for my experience:

    - if I have a bmp logo on the report with the property "Image File Name" and the path (i.e. "c:\images\mylogo.bmp"), everytime I launche the previewer it asks me for the bmp, why???
    This is strange, could you send me a sample, to reproduce the issue? In my tests here this issue never appeared!
    - on a bit complex report with two details (detail 2 overflows in pag.2) it stucks and no preview is made.....
    Again... Could you please send me a report sample? Please dont forget to include the DBF to run the report
    - sometimes, in SQL DB, some fields overflow to the next line, often with datetime fields, but I use the ttod() to avoid time
    Is that problem in the PDF generation? Or in the preview?
    let me know....
    Please send me your files to vfpimaging at hotmail dot com
    Thanks in advance!

  13. I too am having the same problem with report images such as a logo. It prompts me for the  image file. I am using 2.01c with vfp9 sp2. My reports are not included in the exe.
    I suspect it is a path issue to the temp directory. That is why it cannot find my logo.jpg in the graphics folder
    I tried including the report in the exe, same results. It is trying to find a .bmp,pct although the image is logo.jpg.

    When I browse to it and select the image logo.jpg, the preview window does finally pop up but when I try to save it as any format type, I get that file open window again..

    Are you sure that your images are not emebedded in the EXE? Is that folder that contains the image in the SET PATH ?

  14. Well the funny thing is, I downloaded your report app fixes. Then I included the report in the exe and recompiled(I guess this forced the report to be updated?), then I excluded the report from the exe and then it worked again... Go Figure!

  15. It is unimaginable in Vfp.

    I have incorporated in my application , works fine, but transfer to excel is  a problem. It transfers the 1st page properly, but rest all pages transfer is hap hazard.

    Please help with a solution

  16. It is unimaginable in Vfp.
    I have incorporated in my application , works fine, but transfer to excel is  a problem. It transfers the 1st page properly, but rest all pages transfer is hap hazard.

    Please help with a solution
    Hi Sapan,
    Have you tried with the latest versions ? They received many fixes in the Excel files generation.

  17. Nicely thought out app, thank you.  I'e run into 2 sets of problems.
    1. lPDFasImage is not available when going through FoxyPreviewerCaller. I Checked in 2.13 and 2.17

    This is important because:

    2. When PDF is not generated as an image, I found 3 formatting issues that ruin the image:
    a. Bold text drops noticeably
    b. Carriage Returns  in labels are not treated properly
    c. The resulting PDF image is smaller by a 1/4".  That is, what was a 1/4" border is now a 1/2" border.

    IF you are interested, I have a very simple FRX file I can send you.

    Thanks Fred ! Since version 2.20 lPDF as image has become available.

  18. Pude resolver el problema, que veo que otros usuarios también plantean, con el mensaje de error "Object _goHelper does not exist"..., haciendo un release de la variable loReport (objeto donde crea la instancia del previewer helper). Por ej.

    Local loReport AS "PreviewHelper" OF "FoxyPreviewer.App"

    loReport = CREATEOBJECT("PreviewHelper")




    etc etc sentencias...

    y luego

    Release loReport

    Sobre todo se produce cuando lo usas dentro de una iteración.

    Espero que le sirva a alguien.


    Gracias Felix !

  19. I too had problems with logo images.  I agree with Jim Frye that it is a path issue.  I fixed it by including the image files in the foxypreviewer images folder, adding it to the FoxyPreviewer project and rebuilding foxypreviewer.app.

    Thanks for this great report previewer.  I just wish I understood Portuguese (or Spanish?) so I could read more of the comments which are always useful
    Hi Alistair,
    Yep, your solution works, but it's not the recommended one ! Just use FoxyPreviewer in the simplified mode, that simple:

  20. Boa tarde,
    Também tive sse problema. Após executar o report, o arquivo JPG era deletado da pasta do sistema.
    Para resolver, fiz o seguinte, após executar o report:


    Ele apaga, mas a rotina copia novamente os logos que preciso, para evitar erros.


  21. Olá Benito,
    Esse problema foi corrigigo na versão 2.95
    Por favor, baixe a mesma e me diga se funcionou bem, ok ?

  22. Gerardo CzajkowskiMay 29, 2012 at 9:50 AM

    También tuve el problema con las imágenes, lo solucioné incluyendo en SET PATH la ruta a la carpeta que contiene las imágenes. No veo que alguien haya aplicado esta solución así que decidí comentarlo.
    I too had the images issue, my solution was to include the images folder in SET PATH. Couldn't see anyone solving the problem this way so I decided to make this post.

    Saludos y muchas gracias por esta excelente aplicación


  23. Prezado Cezar,

    Comecei a usa a FoxyPreviewer a cerca de 1 mês e já estou apaixonado. Está funcionando perfeitamente no windows XP e no Windows 8, porém, no windows 7, quando tento enviar e-mails utilizando o CDO-HTML, estou tendo problemas, o sistema exibe a seguinte mensagem:

    Erro ao enviar email:
    #1429 - send - 0x00000213 CDO.Message.1 Falha na conexão do transporte com o servidor.

    Estou utilizando as mesmas configurações de conta que nas outras versões e também já registrei a CDO.DLL e a CDONTS.DLL. Pode me ajudar?

  24. Olá Gustavo,

    Verifique na documentação original da FoxyPreviewer para sugestões de como configurar sua conta de email>
    Tb de uma olhada aqui: