Send Images to the Clipboard with GdiPlus-X REVISITED

Some days ago I posted a solution based on Alexander Golovlev's GpImage Gdi+ class showing how to send an image to the clipboard.

We agreed that although this function is not present originally on the "system.drawing" namespace from .net, it could represent a good addiction to the gdiplus-x livrary for vfp. so, the function "toClipboard()" was added to the bitmap class.

From now on, I mean from gdiplus-X release 0.07 and forward, we can send any Gdi+ compatible image to the clipboard using the new "toClipboard()" function just added to the bitmap class using the simple code below:


** the following code example demonstrates how to send an
** image to the clipboard
do locfile("system.app")
local lobmp as xfcbitmap
lobmp = _screen.system.drawing.




  1. Cesear,

    QUOTE: "it could represent a good addiction to the Gdiplus-X"

    Is your use of "addiction" intentional or a subconcious bias? :)

    Love your posts!
    Hey Mal,
    LOL ! None of the options... Just my bad English !
    I meant Addition, inclusion, not addiction ! I'm sorry. Thanks for the comments.


  2. Versión en Español de este artículo en / Spanish version at http://www.portalfox.com/article.php?sid=2357