FoxyPreviewer3 and its files

FoxyPreviewer3 needs to create several files in order to run, so here I will explain what happens behind the scenes, so that people can get the most benefit from it.

At initialization, FP search for 2 files - if not found it will restore from the embedded app
 - LibHaru.dll - the PDF engine created by Takeshi Kano, that is used to generate PDFfiles using ".nPDFType=1". This file will be stored at the same folder that FoxyPreviewer.App resides.
 - FoxyPreviewer_Settings.dbf - stores the user customized settings. This table can be edited as you like. Whenever a user changes an option in the settings screen it gets updated, and it will be loaded at initialization. This file will be recreated if you delete it.

Also at initialization 3 folders will be created:
 - \FP_IMAGES - Here all the images used for creating the toolbar buttons will reside. FP3 will restore them from the APP, and whenever you or your users change the button colors or behaviors, the new images created will be stored there. If you open that folder, you'll see all buttons that you used previously. The images are stored there physically so that in the next run they wont need to be recreated. All buttons, the original, the new "font based" buttons need some GDI+ processing, and some users could not like the delay needed to recreate them at each run. If you remove any image, or even the whole folder FP3 will recreate it on the next run.


  1. Estoy interesado en la adquisición de FoxyPreviewer 3.0. Observo que está disponible la versión como BETA, y la duda es si existe una versión 3.0 definitiva ya disponible. ¿Cuándo se realiza la compra nos podéis confirmar que la versión para descargar es la versión 3.0 definitiva?

  2. Estoy interesado en utilizar FoxyPreviewer 3.0 y observo que está en versión BETA. ¿Cuando se realice el pago de la licencia, la versión que se envía o está disponible para descargar es una versión definitiva y estable o no está todavía disponible la versión final?