Thanks to Luis Maria Guayan and Guillermo Carrero from the spanish speaking community, now we have a brand new freeware and open source project for VFP.

Foxbarcode is a 100% Visual Foxpro class that provides a tool for generating images with different bar code symbologies to be used in vfp forms and reports, or exported to other applications.

You can learn more about the class foxbarcode and download freely from https://github.com/VFPX/FoxBarcode
The most important barcodes are already available, and they're already working on new ones.

Instead of using some truetype fonts to generate the barcodes, they are using gdi+, with the gpimage2 class (an old super light weight wrapper class for gdi+, originally created by alexander golovlev and enhanced by me). using gpimage2, they managed to provide backwards compatibility for even vfp6 users !

Please check this out!
The project is outstanding, and even the sample form is brilliant! very good looking and functional.
the samples provided bring solutions to some real situations. even a bar code builder is available.

picture 1: demo form

picture 2: report sample: employees cards

picture 3: barcode types

now see how simple it is for you to generate your own barcodes:

  1. run the samples form

  2. play with it, changing the controls available information

  3. click at the "builder script" button

  4. copy and paste the generated code

picture 4: barcode builder

Here's an english translation, from luis maria's blog

Thanks a lot Luis Maria and Guillermo!


  1. Thanks Cesar for your recommendations and your FoxBarcode tests.

    Luis María

  2. This looks fantastic! Thanks for sharing. The fox will always be strong!

  3. Great!! Really Great!! ....

    Thanks .. Luis , Guillermo , and Cesar ...

  4. Awesome work. I have a existing project that requires barcodes. I been using TrueType Font. I will modify it use FoxBarcode. Thanks you all of you (Luis, Guillermo and Cesar)

  5. Thank you very much for sharing such a useful tool. I used it in an older Foxpro 6 project, and it worked very nice. Whithin 10 minutes the program was printing EAN128 barcodes. Really amazing....

  6. I had an immediate problem with MindsEye barcodes, so looked on VFPX and, lo and behold, there was FoxBarcode just waiting for me.

    5 minutes of testing and I had my barcode.  This is a great product, and it works very, very well. Great job to the Argentinian, the Spaniard and the Russian (only with FoxPro).

    Thanks to all of you,