SWFOX - "PEM Editor" session - by Cathy Pountney



the first session that i attended in the conference was cathy pountney's pem editor: an absolute must have in your development toolkit.

i was really very curious to attend this session for some reasons:

i've been following closely the development of this fantastic tool that is pem editor. i started using doug hennig's "add property" and "add method" replacements since i got my vfp9, and also tried the first version of the "properties and methods dialog replacement" from marcia akins. if you look at the current version of the pem editor, you'll see that it kept almost nothing from the first version. for sure the work from doug and marcia was essential for what we have today in the pem editor.

jim's work on this tool is frenetic, crazy, insane. sometimes he delivers 10 versions of that tool on the same day. he sends many emails, bringing tons of ideas and discussions... man, sometimes for me that's impossible to follow his thoughts :-). he's always adding lots of new possibilities to this fantastic tool. another point is that he is always open to new suggestions, and never refused a challenge.  lucky me to have him as a friend, and the whole community to receive pem editor as a must-have tool for free, and in constant development.

that said, i confess that although being at the email list from jim, that he uses to discuss his tool, i didn't know more than 30% of what it was capable to do and ease my life. so, definitely, the main reason to attend to that session was to better know about the tool;

and secondly, i was excited to attend to a session from cathy pountney. i like a reports a lot, and her inumerous articles, books and blogs have been my reference for years. i didn't find anything that i wanted to do with a report that cathy hasn't shown yet. i'm a very big fan of her work.

and she didn't disappoint me. she did very well, showing the most important features of peme. most of all i didn't know. some others when i heared about i thought i would never use, but seeing cathy bringing those features and showing cool ways to use them, i was completely rendered. i was so glad to have attended to this session, because i feel that i would have never managed to know all the features she presented.

if you would expect me to tell you about the features of pem editor, i'm sorry to disapoint you, because i can't. there are endless utilities, impossible to list them. i just can tell you that i use it all the time ! more info at the links below:

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