New Report features from SP2 are ready to use !

since ms released the final service pack 2 for vfp last week, many complaints have arised. people are not trusting in this new version, and it seems that some problems that were fixed in sp1 came back in sp2.

fortunately, the report new features are really solid, trustable, and bring good value for us.

so, for this moment, it is safe to bring the report features to sp1, if you are having problems with sp2, till ms delivers a new version.

colin has just answered to koen piller in ut on this subject.

koen said: "it is very well possible to safe the 3 report*.app from sp2 than install vfp + sp1 and replace the 3 report*.app with the ones from sp2. this configuration will give you all the advantages of the new report enhancements without using all the other sp2 'improvements'."

and colin gives his final words, recommending to update the ffc classes as well: "remember to update the ffc classes as well, if you use them in your programs. you don't have to use reportoutput.app at all if you don't want to. the listener classes in _reportlisteners.vcx are good to go..."





  1. what happened to the post:
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    BMPs with Transparent Backgrounds??
    That post is directly for you:

  2. Saludos Cesar,

    Me gusto mucho (y aun me gusta) las nuevas bondades del generador de reportes de VFP9 la nueva propiedad Dynamics, es simplemente increible y ya era tiempo que pusieran estas y otras nuevas mejoras en el generador de reportes, pero el inconveniente que tengo es que al generar un reporte de 7 hojas este se demora 75 segundos(super lento para 7 hojas) para mostrar la presentacion preliminar, existe alguna forma de optimizar este tiempo utilizado la propiedad Dynamics?, ya que como tengo presion en el trabajo la solucion mas facil, es cambiar a Crystal XI cosa, me no me gustaria, no porque el crystal sea malo, sino que como buen foxero (lo he utilizado desde la version 2.0 y he pasado por todas las versiones hasta la actual), no me gustaria comenzar a utilizar herramientas externas.


    Luis Falconi