recently i've known some bad news for the spanish speaking community. pablo roca is not a mvp anymore - see his article not renewed as mvp - but still alive! .

i've never had any direct contact with him. not in emails, neither in a forum, never. but i'm very thankful to him and all portalfox sysops and contributors.

for those who don't know, portalfox is the main and free portal for spanish-speaking developers, located at http://www.portalfox.com. they do an amazing job, providing great and inventive contents, and translate everything that they find could help spanush speaking vfp users, such as the vfp ide, vfp help files, articles, codes, etc. even for brazilians, due to some similarities in the language, many of us constantly visit portalfox.

all that i can say is a big thank you to you, pablo roca (spain), and also to isaac venegas (usa), esparta palma (mexico), luis maria guayan (argentina), ana bisbe (spain) and all your collaborators.

long life to portalfox !


  1. Hey Cesar,

    You hit the nail right on the head with this entry. I think we (North Americans and English speaking countries) tend to forget about those "other" valuable Fox forums. Sometimes I think that Micro$oft tends to forget that the Fox lives in other parts of the world and they have no idea of exactly how valuable it is to those users. Of course M$ doesn't care since the $ aren't there.
    Hi Anonimous, (can we know who you are ?)
    My point is that PortalFox is HUGE. Most of my technical blog posts have been kindly translated by Ana Maria Bisbe York and Luis Maria Guayan to spanish and published there.
    Interesting to tell is that those translated posts have more views than the original entry in English ! Just this point shows the strength of PortalFox. IMO, all those Sysops are MVPS. I don't need to tell this to spanish speaking people, they already know that, much before I did.
    So is Nilton Paulino, that moderates our brazilian forum, hosts two websites www.foxbrasil.com.br and a great forum at www.foxbrasil.com.br/forum . Apart from these, he wrote several and free articles in portuguese, offers a course of VFP, offers full support for VFP databases on the web, and has just released a great VFP book. Apart from this, he's the host and unique organizer of the Brazilian VFP Conference - http://weblogs.foxite.com/cesarchalom/archive/2006/11/20/2878.aspx . Does he deserve to be a MVP or not ? Unfortunately, the problem of language makes him less recognized than he should be.
    But why did they not renew Pablo's ? My point is that they should try to see things outside the english world too.

  2. Muchas gracias Cesar por tus palabras para todos los que hacemos PortalFox desde el 1° de Marzo de 2000.

    Esta entrada está traducida al español en PortalFox:

    -- Mis gracias a Pablo Roca y a los SysOps de PortalFox --

  3. I agree. I count many of the people you named as friends, believe that they have made significant, value-added contributions, and was very surprised to see that Pablo's MVP status was not renewed. I hope this oversight is corrected at some point.