here are some of the links that i often visit regarding vfp9 sp2 and sedna.

the official microsoft visual foxpro 9.0 service pack 2 and "sedna" - beta download page 

according to microsoft. "this download contains the beta release for microsoft visual foxpro 9.0 sp2 and the "sedna" add-ons. this release has two parts: the sedna beta download contains six components: vistadialogs4com, upsizing wizard, data explorer, net4com, my for vfp and vs 2005 extension for vfp. the vfp 9.0 sp2 beta download contains a patch that can be applied to vfp 9.0 or vfp 9.0 sp1. in addition to fixes to the core product, this patch contains significant enhancements to the reporting features."



neither sp2 ctp nor sp2 beta have uninstallers. so, have in mind that you'll need to reinstall vfp9 when you want to update or go back to sp1 for any reason.

it is not recommended to use this new version in production. it's only for test purposes, and to help ms to develop faster the sp2 and sedna. ms also encourages us to send suggestions and report errors.


before the installation

before you install the beta version, i highly recommend following the great tips that rick schummer offers in his blog, vfp 9 sp2 and sedna ctp (not production) tip . if you follow these rick's tips, you'll be able to revert the sp@ installation without having to uninstall vfp entirely.

some people found some installation problems, and doug hennig brings some tips: "fix for sedna beta installation issue


some new features

  • my namespace - doug hennig, the author of this superb class, wrote a great article for code magazine: "the my namespace in sedna". if you want to play with "my" without installing the sp2-sedna beta, you can download it directly from doug hennig's site, from here.  to better understand how "my" works, i strongly recommend you reading his great article: "favorites for intellisense"




to rotate text in reports all you'll need to do is: select your field, right-click, select properties - advanced tab change the roration angle in the spinner. below, some screenshots from lisa nicholls website showing how to use this feature:


some more information, in craig bailey's blog: http://blog.craigbailey.net/2006/10/vfp-vfp9-sp2-ctp-video-by-lisa-and_28.html

i'm already using in production all the new features of the vfp9 sp2 reporting inovations, following colin nicholls advice. he says that all the modifications regarding reports are finished and almost "bug free". so, i'm using a "hybrid" vfp9 version at this moment, with great success. the report new features prepared by lisa and colin nicholls are already very stable, so i just pasted the 3 report app's responsible for reporting - reportbuilder.app , reportoutput.app and reportpreview.app - to my vfp9sp1 home() folder and am already taking benefits from the new report enhancements. to ease things for you if you don't want to install the beta version but still want to try the new report features, i've uploaded these 3 files, that you can download from here. just unzip and save these 3 files to your home() directory, and have fun !

  • sedna and windows vista: craig boyd, doug hennig and rick strahl seem to be working hard testing vfp under vista. here are some cool links

craig boyd: "visual foxpro: sedna and windows vista"  and  "xaml in visual foxpro"

doug hennig has been helping people to solve some installations problems: it's worth checking these links from foxite threads, if you're experiencing some kinds of problems:  http://www.foxite.com/archives/installation-problem-on-vista-0000129165.htm and  http://www.foxite.com/archives/where-to-put-the-data-on-vista-0000137073.htm


calvin hsia links:

add a manifest to control your application vista uac behavior

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