Great news for VFPX

bo durban has just posted the latest release of the gdiplusx library.

the most important part of the library has been converted to prg. there are several advantages using prg based classes, such as: enhanced speed and reduced size. here you can find more info about these changes. bo has given more details in his blog and in the codeplex messageboard.

now gdiplusx is beta ! the new 1.00b version can be downloaded from here

visit vfpx site on codeplex to see all great projects for vfp 

from now on, you must change your instantiation of gdiplusx call from:

addproperty(_screen, "system", newobject("xfcsystem","system.vcx"))
_screen.addproperty("system", newobject("xfcsystem","system.vcx"))


do ("system.prg")


btw, i'll try to update all my blog posts with this small change in the class initialization.


today i was really surprised when i read kevin ragsdale's latest blog post, about an eweek's post about the 25 most active projects at codeplex.

there we are ! 14th position !

check it by yourself: http://www.eweek.com/slideshow/0,1206,pg=0&s=25947&a=213883,00.asp


apart from these, there are some really great new projects to come...


have you already seen this video from kevin ragsdale ?



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  1. Hi Cesar, I'm actually testing this class and is awesome!!!

    And this is a very good new, I really want the release of the first STABLE Final of GDI+X.

    Thanks a lot, you'rs post are very interesting and instructives.

    Gracias Cesar, tus post son muy interesantes e instructivos, gracias a los post como los tuyos eh comenzado a usar GDI+X.


  2. Hola Reymundo,

    Muchas Gracias !

    Quedo me muy contente en saber que mi blog le ayudado !

    Grandiosos meritos tambien a AMBY y Luis Maria por traduciren mis posts en Portalfox !