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  1. Juan Antonio SantanaJuly 16, 2007 at 11:30 AM

    Congratulations Cesar !!

    Any way you have to recognize that this team has not been the best in the competition. All of us who are in love with the Brazilian soccer must feel a little disapointed with the football they have done and in addition to this, why Ronaldinho and/or Kaká did not go?...

    i will have to wait for La Liga 2007/08 to watch Ronaldinho playing again and I hope that Kaká comes to Real Madrid... Uah, what saturdays and sundays !!

    Congrats again and I hope that in a short time we can watch a Brazilian team like the one who played the Spanish World Cup in 1982: Zico, Eder, Falcao, Cerezo, Juninho...
    Hola Juan,
    Yes, I do agree with you. I still remember that fabulous team. Valdir Perez, Leandro, Oscar, Luizinho and Junior. Socrates, Cerezo, Falcao and Zico. Serginho and Eder. Unfortunately, Italia had Paolo Rossi. :-(
    IMO, this was the biggest deception for our contry regarding football.
    Caca and Ronaldinho left the team because they find this was a secondary competition, and they wanted to rest in their holidays from the European soccer calendar.
    I must recognize that Argentina had a great team this time. Riquelme, Ayala, Messi, Tevez and so many others. Fortunately, our team beat them. The truth is that when the match is against Argentina the Brazilian team always plays the best they can !

  2. Hernan E. DelgadoJuly 16, 2007 at 12:07 PM


    I am glad that Brazil won. I allways prefer the ofensive "happy" futbol than defensive but efective like Argentina and Italia.

    Saludos from Mexico

    Thanks Hernan,
    I just hope that in the next edition we can beat Mexico !

  3. GRRRRRR !!!!

    Este post no sera traducido en www.PortalFox.com ;-)

    Felicitaciones, le ganaron muy bien al equipo argentino :-(
    Hola Luis Maria !
    Well, let your people decide ! As you and Ana said, PortalFox is the "Portal del Pueblo". You must admit that "Pueblo" is much more than our "hermanos" from Argentina !
    Best regards

  4. Juan Antonio SantanaJuly 16, 2007 at 1:26 PM

    Paolo Rossi?, and what about the referee? I still remember how Zico´s t-shirt finished the match !!
    Yep ! That's true. But it was 25 years ago !
    Talking about Real Madrid, I think you're loosing a lot keeping Robinho outside the team in so many matches. Between 2002 and 2004, he was the most important player in Brazil, and he won 2 brazilian championships almost alone ! Fortunately, he was from my team, Santos.

  5. Ronaldinho is my hero. Too bad he did not play. I fly at least once a year to Barca to see him play.
    We all love him. He does magic with his feet and the ball.
    Unfortunately, it seems that according to our coach Dunga in our team there wont be room for our three best players, Ronaldinho, Caca and Robinho, since he believes that he can have only two of them playing together.

  6. Parabéns!!! Eu sou um uruguaio casado com uma Pernambucana, e como o Uruguai nao foi na final, sem dúvida que vou torcer pelo Brasil (mais ainda pensando que goleou a Argentina!!!).

    Um abraco e muito bom o teu blog.
    Valeu Fernando !

  7. Juan Antonio SantanaJuly 17, 2007 at 9:25 AM

    Yes you are right about Robinho but Capello is Capello and he is the kind of coaches that prefers playing with Gatusso than with Robinho or Guti. I hope that Schuster, who was a great player, thinks a bout playing good football, but as all we know results are who marks the way of playing.

    By the way Eric, stop wasting your money going to Barcelona to see them playing, 1 hour more of journey and go to Madrid. At least you will see the champion. LOL !!