After some requests, I'm sending a new version of GPIMAGE2, an adapted class from the original GpImage class from Alexander Golovlev.

This new version adds 3 new features to the previous version:
Control smoothing mode, Interpolation mode and a Gradient brush.

Gdi+ originally offers 6 kinds of linear gradient brushes, and many possibilities for path gradient brushes, but to update Gpimage2 is not a priority any more because the GdiplusX library brings much more value, and is compatible with the .NET "System.Drawing" namespace.

So, if you still didn't upgrade to VFP9, you can download this new version, and play with some gradients.

I've included 3 samples that create gradients. you'll find them in the "examples" folder.

brushesgradient.prg   creates some shapes using gradients
gradientform.scx   creates a sample form with gradient effect
gradientform2.scx   creates a sample form with gradient effect, allowing to change the colors and the gradient direction duruing execution

Another new sample, smoothing.scx, from Rafael Lippert, demonstrates how to control the smoothing mode if images.

Enjoy !

GPIMAGE2 gdi+ class

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