FoxCharts 0.20 Alpha

here's a new release of foxcharts



visual foxpro 9 and the gdiplusx library from vfpx 


as you can see, 2 new charts are now available:

- stacked area

- cylinder


  • the stackedarea chart can be defined using the "charttype" property, that must be set to the numeric 10

  • the cylinder chart is derived from the original bars chart. to have it, select charttype for the bar option, and then set the bartype property to numeric 1 (0 = bar default; 1 = cylinder)


apart from this, many other important modifications were applied:

the main difference is that now foxcharts' base class is a container, that contains the gdiplusx imagecanvas, and the legend objects, responsible for drawing all the text needed.

now we can customize any of those labels in lots of ways. every piece of text, legend in the chart now has the following properties:

alignment - 0 left; 1 right; 2 center
backcoloralpha - this is cool, (0-255) determines the transparency of the background of the label
forecoloralpha - determines the transparency of the label

the legends are represented by the following objects:


this way, every piece of text in the chart can be fully customized, not only the font, but the backcolor and the alpha (transparency). now you can also change the alignment of the text, for example, to set the title to right alignment, all you have to do is to:

thisform.foxcharts1.title.alignment = 1 && right


i still need to remind you that this is still a preview version, destined for people that are interested in helping testing this tool.

please continue sending your suggestions and feedback!
it is really very appreciated


contains the alpha version of the foxcharts project.

unzip the file and run the form chartssample to see how it works.

this version also distributes the two main files from gdiplusx - system.app and gdiplusx.vcx.
if you are already a gdiplusx user, you can use your own gdiplusx version.
just make sure to be using the latest gdiplusx version.

gdiplusx is also a vfpx project. for more information, please visit the gdiplusx page at vfpx.

more information and pictures about this project can be obtained at the vfpimaging weblog:



this new release contains lots of enhancements:

chart types
- bar charts
- multiple bars
- stacked bars

- pie
- doughnut

- lines
- area
- stacked area
- points and shapes

color variations:
- basic colors
- custom colors
- gradient colors
- random colors
- monochrome
- gradient or solid colors

legends in many places: axys, shapes, side legends


- titles
- subtitles
- backgrounds (solid or gradient)
- fonts
- colors


  1. For first sight excelent. I do not test your project thus my question is maybe stupid. Is it possible to fire Click event when user click on part of chart, eg. one particular bar?
    Hi, This was not yet implemented, but in the future versions I hope to add this feature.

  2. Now,This article had translated into Chinese.

    Thank's again!
    I thank you for that translation ! Best Regards, Cesar

  3. Cesar,

    Are there docs beyond the Sample project? If not, I will start writing some up.

    Let me know.

    Hi Andrew,
    Sorry for the late answer. All recent comments were erroneously sent to my spam folder :-(
    In fact, all I did about documentation was to show all the properties available in my post for version "0.14" - at the end you'll find ALMOST all the properties available, with some brief descriptions about them.
    Apart from this, a brazilian friend, "Grego" is working creating a new sample. Another one, "Leandro Walfrans" has started creating a builder for it as well. This is all we have till now.
    I hope to make some few enhancements soon, and probably will pass it to BETA in the next month.
    It would be terrific if you could join us with this. If you can write some documentations it will be indeed of great value to the project. Just let me know if you are really interested in this, so that I can provide you the help you need for this.

  4. Cesar,

    Is there a forum setup (like phpBB) where I can post code and ask questions?  I'm excited to use this now that it's RC but I can't get past an error when I'm trying to use it on a SCX form.  I keep getting the error "Index or expression does not match an existing member of the collection" on this line in the _preparedata method (see screenshot link):  http://mbsoftwaresolutions.com/images/foxcharts_error.png

    I ran Andrew MacNeil's PRG code and was able to get that to work somewhat but wanted to create a SCX form and put the FoxCharts control on it and set the options via the IDE.  

    Any ideas as to what I'm doing wrong?
    Hi Michael,
    I'm glad to know you're trying FoxCharts.
    Yes, we have a specific location for people to post about questions, report bugs, ask for enhancements, directly in the VFPX discussions forum - http://www.codeplex.com/VFPX/Thread/List.aspx
    Anyway, you can post any questions in the following VFP forums: Foxite (IMO, the best forum, and allows uploading images), UT, FoxBrasil or Profox (I'm not active at Profox, but I try to visit every week).
    And also you can contact me directly : vfpimaging at hotmail dot com