Recently, MSDN added a new and very useful feature to the .net development site, the msdn community content. According to them, "msdn community content provides an infrastructure for users to comment, edit, and add content to the visual studio 2005 and .net framework 2.0 online documentation. (...) anyone can register for the site by signing in with a microsoft passport or windows live id and agreeing to the site terms of use and the participant code of conduct.  anyone who is registered and signed in to the site can create new community content and edit existing community content."

Currently, MSDN provides many sample codes for .net, c#, c++ and j# users. from now on, we hope to add VFP too !

As the new gdiplusx library mimics the "system.drawing" namespace from .net. that means that we can convert codes created for vb .net to vfp very easily. so, i started posting some VFP codes at the "community content" part of some topics.

Have a look at the links below and tell me what you think.


Well, better that that, would be if YAG or Milind Lele convinced MSDN people to keep some specific room for some VFP codes for Gdiplus-X directly there :-)

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