Updated version of the My namespace

Doug Hennig very kindly published a new version of the my namespace on the White papers and source code page of the stonefield web site.

It's a 240 k download. This version contains some fixes, a small project and a simple form showing how to use some functions.

In my tests, I installed "MY" with no errors. It works fine even without having a previous version installed, and does not need the sedna ctp to run, just vfp9. Intellisense worked perfectly, showing only the properties and methods of interest, and inside a form. The help file is nice, and contains good documentation about the more than 60 functions included.

As always, another great job from Doug.

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  1. Hi,

    Very good to promote Doug's excellent class. Meanwhile the link should be rectified to http://www.stonefield.com/techpap.aspx

    Best rgards,